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South Holston Dam + Downtown Bristol Engagement | Jared + Amy

Amy and Jared's love story began when they were both in college. They were close friends for 8 years prior to dating but Jared says he knew Amy was "the one" shortly after she agreed to be his girlfriend. Like many other couples planning a 2020 wedding, Covid threw a big ole curve ball in their plans and they ended up getting married in a beautiful, intimate ceremony before we even had the chance to capture their engagement photos! I was super excited to photographer them saying their vows and equally excited to take their "engagement" photos after they said "I-do"!

For their photos we ventured to South Holston dam for some sunshine and beautiful views and then headed to downtown Bristol where the couple spent a lot of their time together while dating.

Amy and Jared have since decided to put planning a larger wedding off until their is a steep decline in Covid and are now hoping for a larger celebration on their one year anniversary! They are currently enjoying married life and I'm just super thankful that they chose me as their photographer.

South Holston Dam Engagement


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