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Lakeside Maternity | The Dickenson Family

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Long time no see blog world! Yes, as you may have noticed, I haven't written a post since *uhem* last year. I went into 2020 with the intention of staying on top of blog posts and, needless to say, I have failed miserably. I could make all sorts of Covid-10 excuses but I'll just refrain and get right to sharing with you this maternity session featuring this beautiful family.

I've known Amberly for years and have had the pleasure of photographing her family numerous times. I was so excited when she asked to document this incredibly special time in their lives as she, Chris, Gracie, and Brookelynn prepare to welcome their newest addition - Emersynn - to the family! Since the Dickensons enjoy spending time on the lake, we decided South Holston Dam would be the perfect backdrop for their photos and it certainly didn't disappoint!

Congratulations again to the Dickenson family!


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